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Flow of Energy & Grow for Well-Being

Convert stress into energy.

Well-being covers many positive aspects such as mental/physical/emotional health, happiness, full life satisfaction, social association and so on. If you promote your well-being, your energy will be generated and you will have the willpower to do whatever you wish to achieve.  

Flow&Grow Coaching will support you to gain the strength to develop your personal growth for well-being.



Why Coaching?

Flow&Grow Coaching 

What is the personal coaching service? 

The purpose of personal coaching service is to maximize your potentiality. 
Is there any area in your life, both personal and professional, that you’re hoping to change? 

Due to the uncertainty and complexity of the world, we can never have full control of the environment and, therefore, must be prepared to deal with it individually. We would like to provide you with opportunities to gain higher level of adaptability, the spirit of cooperation, and develop one's individuality and characteristics to cope with the changing world. 

A personal coach will help you improve your quality of life and your relations with friends, colleagues, and family members, and enable you to overcome various difficulties dealing with work related problems. We also help you to find out your mental blocks due to stress, lack of confidence, negative and inflexible thinking, etc. 

We believe that the personal coaching can apply for children as well to prepare for joining the workforce. 


Physical, emotional and mental awareness will maximize your potentiality. 

Feel, Experience, Sense, Act
Create a better life as you truly wish to achieve!


Breathing Exercises with Qigong & Taichi (BEQT) Training Session 

Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress:


● Take deep breaths and focus on your breathing
● Standing and Moving meditation  

● Become more aware of your thoughts 

● Letting go of the struggles that keep them stuck 

● Cultivating peace of mind 

● Accepting what is, and doing what works 

● More aware of the emotions of others 


【Fees】  (including tax) 

● Private Session ¥8,000 for 60 mins 
● Group Session ¥5,000 for 90 mins 

Face-to-Face Session in Minato-ku

Personal Coaching Session

【Fees】One session 60 minutes (including tax) 

●Trial Online Session - Please ask

●Online Session - Please ask

Face-to-Face Session is available in Minato-ku, Shibuya-ku and Chiyoda-ku with the additional fee of ¥2,000

Coach Profile

Hiromi Fujii

Hiromi is a stress, career and business coach who is interested in the inherent characteristic of people. She has been providing client services for 25 years as a teller at a Japanese bank and as a member of Global Visa and Immigration Services Team at one of the big international professional firms. She has supported over 2,000 people's Japanese visa applications for expatriates and their family members to work and stay in Japan coming from all over the world. She has experienced working in an environment with staff members having more than 25 nationalities.  It is one of the international offices operating in over 150 countries around the world.      

She has been interested in the relationship among body, emotion and mental awareness for human well-being. She likes Taichi and Qigong as well as meditation to manage her stress, accept vulnerability, generate her energy for her personal growth. She believes in the theory of yin & yang. Whenever she has difficulties especially when she has a negative aspect within herself, she tries to find out what she can learn from it.   


  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) - CTI
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - International Coaching Federation (ICF) 
  • Japan Industrial Counselor
  • Japan Career Consultant
  • Instructor of breathing and qigong
  • Somatic Thinking Coach Level 1 @KUN Coaching Academy (Completed 60 hour coaching program in English)
  • Leadership Circle Profile Practitioner (360° Feedback Assessment)
  • Insights® Discovery Client Practitioner 

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